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I'm not horny, I just really need to have sex with Jeremy.


I've said it once before (on Ivy's comments), but I will say it again, because it needs to be heard:

That's crap. I'm a straight young virgin who reads slash. I am not 'squicked' by het sex, I am not scared by men, and I am most certainly not confused about my sexuality. When I read graphic het fics, I don't think... "my god! I SHOULD BE DOING THAT." Likewise, when I read slash, I'm not 'fictionally living out my desire to control men'. It's all in good fun.

Tosh. Absolute and utter nonsense. Those people should go back to college and learn properly how to research a story before they spout off on topics that they have no idea about.


Holy fuckshit. I just remembered a dream I had last night. Kinda. All I know is that Harry/ect made a potion in a library that took you to outterspace onto a planet of a parallel universe. Draco was there. And rain. And cowboys. And...

*passes out*
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