Hey look! Another H/D slasher. (belle_douleur) wrote,
Hey look! Another H/D slasher.

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I just bought 8 C batteries for 10.27$. Am now reaching new plateau of annoyance at these flummery 'digital' speakers. Pshhhaw. They will be the death of me.

My mother just gave me cute polka dotted flip flops. Wahoo.

BBQ was good tonight. Lauren and I spent most of the time convincing my brothers friend Logan that I was a slut/drinker/drug attic and mocking Luke E. (who showed Lauren his junk).

Ahahaha, this old guy at work today said that I was a looker and that I teased all the guys. I was like... sure.

That is all.

[EDIT] - I also spent like 10 minutes of my night pestering someone pink on Laurens AIM. *giggles maniacally* YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE... AND I WANT MY DAMN LIVER. Ahhahahahahhaahhahahaha.
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