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Surprise birthday party was fun. Happy birthday to me tomorrow (being the 9th). I got some cool shiznit n'stuff. Steph got me a fraggle rock video, my grandmother a tiffany's bracelet, and chris/amy a small 20$ digital camera! I can now take blurry pictures of me licking my Harry Potter action figure... HUZZAH! I also got some gift cards (25$ spent at Freddies on Will and Grace DVD's) and 50$ dollar online Borders card, which I have yet to use as the site has been down for like 3 days.

Boss: Rose, you're my favorite cashier... we're really glad to have you working here.
Me: :-))) *squeefest*

I have a sore throat and am realllly not looking forward to school tomorrow. I've had so much homework I want to curl up in a hole and die. Like 5-6 hours A DAY... which is why I haven't been updating or checking my friends list.

In other news... I'M GETTING MY LICENCE (or attempting to anyway) ON WEDNESDAY *sept 11* I can't find my permit or blue sheet, and I don't know the time, but hey! I'll have to reschedule if I can't find that bloody piece of paper.

So that's been my life for like the past few days... I'm sure more stuff happened, but I can't think of it.
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