Hey look! Another H/D slasher. (belle_douleur) wrote,
Hey look! Another H/D slasher.

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I've literally gained 20 pounds this summer. Okay, this might not seem like a big deal to you, but it should. Obesity is taking over my body. Okay, well not obestiy, but yeah. If only my boobs shrank like a cup size. Oh the world would be a happy place. I used to be such a little tiny person. AND NOW. *pokes fat* Perhaps it's because I don't exercise and my diet is crap? Anorexia is looking better and better everyday (ahahah, not really, don't worry). That could work, but I love food so fucking much. It's sad. I never felt bad about eating food (I never really had a reason to), but now I kind of do. Let's just thank God I have a narrow face and skinny ankles. Blah.

I have to work in like an hour. Maybe going to Meford Sat.
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